An aerial view of the Blidworth drilling site

Mine Water Management at Blidworth

There are coal mine workings about 600 metres below the surface at Blidworth. Due to the depth of the mines, we don’t have information on the water within them. We are therefore drilling a borehole to intersect an area of workings. This borehole will allow us to take measurements of water level and quality. 

When a coal mine closes, the pumps used to keep water out of the mine are switched off and removed. Over time, the water level recovers within the mine and has the potential to effect overlying groundwater and surface water systems. 

The water within mines picks up naturally occurring minerals from the rocks, including iron, which may affect drinking water supplies or the environment if left unmanaged. 

Through monitoring of the levels and rate of mine water rise the Coal Authority can understand the underground systems to make decisions on how best to manage impacts. 

When the borehole is completed in early 2024, we will carry out routine monitoring to confirm the mine water level in the area. We will compare this with other surrounding monitoring sites. We will then use this data to guide mine water management strategies for the area. 

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