Good news… We’re making some exciting changes to our reports

We’re excited to let you know that we’re about to launch some improvements to our official Coal Authority CON29M Coal Mining Report and our Enviro All-in-One Non-residential report.

What changes are taking place?

We’re making a number of changes to our reports, including the Coal Authority’s official CON29M Coal Mining Report and our Enviro All-in-One Non-residential report.

Having already brought our official Coal Authority CON29M up to date with the latest 2018 Law Society guidelines, we are making even further improvements by reducing the number of pages within the insurance section. This means providing the insurance terms and conditions separately in digital format using a hyperlink, saving on the amount of pages within the report – saving you time and money on printing costs.
A further change will be that the VAT document is separated from our main CON29M.

We are also introducing some new features to the Enviro All in-One and an improved layout design for clearer navigation. The report will now include full flood and energy sections and only relevant results are returned, making for a more concise report and easier to follow results and recommendations.

More information can be viewed here

When are the changes taking place?

To make these planned improvements, our reports ordering system – both the online web service and our B2B platform – will be unavailable between 6:00pm on Thursday 24 and 8:00am on Friday 25 January.

Did you know…

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