Solvay Banks

Solvay Banks

In April 2023 the local authority notified us of a mine shaft collapse on Solvay Banks Park – a public park and play area in Southsea, Wrexham.

Due to the location of the site, the Coal Authority are treating it as a public safety priority.

Our mining information research showed that the shaft is likely to be around 110m depth and that there are two similar shafts in the area.  According to our records, the three shafts were treated by the Local Authority in the 1970’s.

The solution

We carried out emergency infilling works in May to stabilise the shaft, using 580 tonnes of material to make it safe. 

The area surrounding the collapse has been fenced off to ensure public safety.

Next steps

Ground investigation and surveying works are now planned to provide more information on the recorded mine entries and the make-up of the ground in the area.

Following this work we will be able to design an appropriate treatment for the collapsed shaft as well as any necessary works to other shafts in the local area.

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