Do you monitor the site?

Yes, the site will be actively monitored by the Coal Authority. This monitoring will check that the system is performing at its best and ensure that the water is being treated by the filters. Samples can be collected throughout the system to check that each stage is functioning as it is designed to.

Is this the same mine-water treatment as Force Crag?

Every metal mine is unique and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to mine water treatment. This means each site requires bespoke technology to treat the mine-water. However the core principles remain the same, these generally involve changing the pH or mine water and encouraging minerals to settle out of the flow.

The system is similar to that at Force Crag in that it uses natural filter systems to treat mine water. However this has been designed specifically for the mine-waters from Threlkeld Mines and the Woodend Low Level Adit.

Have the Coal Authority built one of these systems before?

The Coal Authority have built more than 80 mine water treatment systems across the country, a full list of these can be found here. A similar programme to tackle metal mine water pollution is underway in Wales and can be accessed here.

There is no coal here, so why are the Coal Authority involved?

The Coal Authority manages all former coal mines in the country, this means they have the engineering skills and experience necessary to design, operate and maintain mine water treatment systems.