Recruitment process

When you apply for a role with the Coal Authority, we’ll give you the information you need so that the recruitment process is as smooth as possible.

Our job adverts will give you all the information you need to help you prepare as well as the closing date and the possible dates for interviews.

Before you apply for a job with us, you may find it useful to read the following documents:

How to apply

If we have a role that you would like to apply for, please read the job advert, job description and competency framework carefully.  If you feel you have the skills and experience we are looking for please complete the online application form – you will find a link in the ‘apply now’ section of the advert.

As we use an evidence-based selection process, we will be looking for written examples telling us when and how you have demonstrated the key criteria outlined in the job advert and description.

First impressions count, so please be sure to tell us why you are the person we are looking for and how you meet our selection criteria.

We aim to consider all applications within 10 days of the closing date and we’re committed to letting everyone who applies know whether they are going to be selected for interview.

Our web recruitment system allows you to email your completed application to yourself; we recommend you keep a copy of your application as we’ll ask you about the details should you be invited for interview.

If you have any questions about the process, please email


Some of our roles may require you to complete an ability assessment online as part of the recruitment and selection process.

These assessments are administered by external providers to ensure we are using the latest tools and practices. The type of assessment will vary depending on the position you have applied for. The point in the recruitment process where the assessment is required can also vary, depending on the role, but we will provide full details of what you need to do.

Attending an interview

We operate a self-service booking system through our web based recruitment system. If you are invited to attend an interview, you will receive an email asking you to sign in with the username and password issued when you applied. Please select your preferred date and time from the interviews available.

For most roles, you will be interviewed at our Head Office in Mansfield.  Our full address is:

200 Lichfield Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 4RG.

On arrival, there is a free onsite visitors car park which is located immediately on the right as you enter the front gate.  Please make your way down to our unmanned reception area and dial 6100 using the desk phone and one of our HR staff will come and meet you.  Please bring your original identification documents and relevant certificates of education; we will take a photocopy of these on the day and return them to you.

If you are applying for a regionally based position, your interview location may be different. Our HR team will let you know the location at the interview booking stage.

Interview content

Usually all of our interviews will be face to face. The panel will normally consist of 2 or 3 people and will last around an hour.

The interview will be evidence based and we’ll ask you to tell us about specific occasions when you have demonstrated your experience in relation to the requirements of the role. Make sure you mention as many strong examples as you can.

We recommend using the STAR format to articulate your examples:

  • Situation – what was the overall situation
  • Task – what was the specific task required of you
  • Action – what steps did you personally take (avoid “we” and reference what you did as “I”)
  • Result – what happened/changed after your actions

Additional evidence

Before your interview, we’ll let you know if we need any extra evidence. For example:

  • We may require you to give a presentation or to do some psychometric assessments to give us more information about how you think.
  • Depending on the role, you may be asked to complete a personality questionnaire which helps us to find out a bit more about you. This will be sent to you electronically before your interview.
  • If we are looking for a specific technical skills we may ask you to carry out a work-related exercise. This will be done on the same day as your interview.

Second interviews

Sometimes, before making a final decision, we may invite you to come back for a second interview.

Assessment centres

For some positions (usually our Trainee Development Programme positions) we may also ask you to attend an assessment centre where you’ll be assessed alongside other candidates. We will notify you from the beginning of the process if you are required to attend an assessment centre.

At the assessment centre, we may ask you to participate in a number of activities, which could include: interviews, presentations, personality assessment feedback sessions and group exercises. Every candidate who attends will receive full feedback from our trained assessors.

Our advice for assessment centres:

  1. Research as you would do for a normal interview, find out as much about us as you can.
  2. On the day be yourself, try to interact with the other candidates as you normally would.
  3. Don’t overthink the exercises, there are no trick questions so take the exercises on face value.
  4. Offer your thoughts and insights, they are important to us and to your assessment, be forthcoming and feel free to ask any questions.