Expenses claim form

Complete and submit this form so that we can process your expenses.

Please also attach the appropriate receipts or invoices. One photograph may contain several receipts (please ensure receipts are readable)

If you have any questions or concerns about completing this form or you would like our help, please phone our Skewen community liaison team on 0800 2884268.

    Claimant details

    Overnight expense claims

    There are two claim options listed below.

    The first is for if you have been staying with family or friends (overnight allowance), and the second is for if you have been staying in overnight accommodation.

    1. Overnight allowance

    A £30 overnight allowance per household, per night is available to those staying with family or friends.


    Please confirm the dates being claimed below.


    2. Overnight Accommodation

    Please complete the details below if you are claiming costs incurred from overnight accommodation such as a Hotel or B&B.



    Please attach original or a photograph of invoices or receipts when sending your overnight accommodation claim.