Our use of solar

We have installed solar panels at 8 of our sites, with a further 2 more in planning, and now generate approximately 1.4 GWh of renewable energy every year saving £200,000 and 314 tonnes of carbon each year. In additional to our savings, we generate income of around £60,000 annually from selling any unused energy that we generate back to the grid.The learning we have taken will inform further renewable schemes in our Business and Sustainability Plans. We will increase renewable generation, learning from past experience and ensure all materials used are ethically sourced.

How do we select which sites have solar panels and which don’t?

When we look at which of our sites to install solar panels, we need to consider a number of key aspects, such as the pumping regime of the mine water treatment scheme, our abilities to connect to the grid, the potential footprint required for the solar panels and planning permission for the location.

In addition to the practical elements to consider on site, we also need to ensure that our installations will provide levels of energy required to justify our initial investment, to ensure we’re investing wisely and providing benefit to the UK tax payer.

If you would like to know more about our renewable energy schemes, please contact us