Enviro All-in-Onereport

Residential report starting from £78.11

Our Enviro All-in-One is a fully integrated residential environmental risk report that combines our industry leading official CON29M with the Homebuyers Plus report from our partners Groundsure.

It answers all the approved Law Society coal mining questions, including findings on past, present and future coal mining and combines these with ground stability, contaminated land, radon and flood risk searches to provide a fully comprehensive environmental check.

It also screens other environmental factors such as energy installations, transportation infrastructure and planning applications.

Our unique Geographical Information System (GIS) contains comprehensive data to accurately describe the known and suspected risks associated with the coal mining industry of Britain.

Why you need it

The Enviro All-in-One is based on Land Registry polygons, improving the accuracy of site plans and associated detail, and displays the information in an easy to navigate way.

What’s included

Each report will include:

  • all official CON29M coal mining report information and interpretation
  • JBA 5 metre groundwater data included in the flood risk assessment
  • enhanced screening on planning applications
  • detailed visual and cultural designations
  • enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations
  • transportation infrastructure summary
View our webinars Download a sample report (PDF 3.95MB) Download the product card (PDF 3.96MB) Download Off-Coalfield Sample (PDF 2.07MB)

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If a mine entry is highlighted as a risk in your residential Enviro All-in-One report  – then a Mine Entry Interpretive report is required.

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