No Searchcertificate

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Our No Search Certificate is a formal document designed to give peace of mind to home buyers and mortgage lenders that a property is not within an area affected by known past, present or proposed coal mine workings.

We use our industry leading Geographical Information System (GIS) to help you understand the level of known and suspected risk associated with the coal mining industry of Britain.

Our database was created using over 360,000 original abandonment plans, dating as far back as the 1700s.

Why you need it

With the coalfield covering 11% of Britain, and with a proportion of the coal mining activity being unrecorded, it’s important to safe guard customers against any potential hidden risks impacting their property.

What’s included

Each certificate will include the following:

  • confirmation of being unaffected by any known coal mining activity
  • confirmation of being unaffected by any known mine entries
  • peace of mind for both home buyers and mortgage lenders
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