Ground Stabilityreport

Non-residential report starting from £190.06

Our Ground Stability report combines our industry leading official CON29M with data from the British Geological Survey (BGS), highlighting specific information on the potential hazards related to natural subsidence. This report is also available for both on and off coalfield non-residential property transactions.

Our unique Geographical Information System (GIS) contains comprehensive data to accurately describe the known and suspected risks associated with the coal mining industry of Britain.

Combined with key information from BGS, surrounding natural subsidence hazards relating to shrinkable clay, running sand, compressible and collapsible deposits, potential landslide activity and soluble rocks, the Ground Stability report gives customers a full understanding of these risks underfoot.

Why you need it

Our Ground Stability report is the only BGS report combined with our official CON29M, coal mining related, Law Society approved conveyancing product. It identifies and interprets coal mining risks and key natural subsidence hazards for clients purchasing non-residential properties.

Recommended reports

If a mine entry is highlighted as a risk in your non-residential Ground Stability report; – then a Mine Entry Plans & Data Sheets report is required.

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