Mine EntryPlan and Data sheets

Non-residential report starting from £80.02

Buildings located in coal mining areas are subject to a risk of coal mining subsidence.

This ground movement can be caused by problems with entrances to previous coal mines, known as shafts and adits.

This report studies the position of mine entries identified in our non-residential mining reports, the diameters and the thickness of geological deposits above rockhead to provide a risk assessment on the potential for any ground movement.

Specific details are provided on mine entries within a geographical boundary and within 20m, this includes any records on the information source for the entry, dimensions, treatment details, names and date abandoned.

Why you need it

Our Mine Entry Plans & Data Sheets can provide peace of mind to clients, insurers and lenders by assessing the risk of the mine entry causing damage to an established residential building or piece of land being developed, and ensuring that they understand the remedies available.

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