Why choose the Coal Authority?

As a non-departmental government body, we use our skills and expertise to provide services to lenders, conveyancers, government departments and commercial partners. We believe the past can help shape our future, which is why we continue to invest in progressive, innovative technology which can be easily integrated into your world and bring a wealth of benefits from the outset.

How can the Coal Authority provide a robust resource of upfront data?

With one in four properties sitting on Britain’s coalfield, coal mining legacy is a key consideration for you and your customers. We’ve produced an on-demand risk based solution, which gives you the information you need upfront regarding potential coal mining risks that may impact a property. This means there are no surprises for you or your customers and it will give you a better understanding of whether or not a flagged risk is really a risk at all.

How this works in practice
How this works in practice (click to enlarge)

Our product adopts a two stage approach:

Stage 1: We run the property details through our extensive coal mining database to understand whether any potential coal mining risk is highlighted.

Stage 2: In cases where risk has been identified, our technical specialists perform a manual review of the source data. This provides a more detailed understanding of the risk, and what that means for the property.

  • The two stage approach takes away the complexity of the processes of liaising with conveyancers or homebuyers at the detailed application stage, by providing all of the advice and support you require, upfront.
  • With access to our UK Coal Mining Database information, we can provide a response to your enquiries within seconds.
  • Our dedicated and bespoke service is backed up by our hub of mining and technical information teams. This additional layer of support, under one roof, will provide reassurance to you as a lender, and key mining information when you need it.
  • Our provision of additional technical interpretation will provide reassurance that in some cases may negate the potential risk altogether.

This will enable you to:

  • Identify potential coal mining risk need at the point of application
  • Make informed decisions about a property
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the number of properties you are unable to offer a mortgage on

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