The Coal Authority is at this year’s Northern Housing Consortium

Join us for the 2023 Northern Housing Summit in Leeds, the largest gathering of Northern social housing leaders to take place this year.

Chaired by Mark Easton, leaders from housing associations, councils, combined authorities, ALMOs and other sectors will convene to discuss housing’s vision for 2030, and how we realise our ambitions in a complex and ever-changing operating environment.

From strategic business planning and addressing net zero to new regulatory requirements and navigating the ever-changing political landscape, delegates will participate in open discussions to shape the sector’s response and ensure we maintain our focus on better homes and places.

The annual summit is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and opportunities to learn from colleagues across the North, and from those shaping our operating environment. This year’s conference takes a firm future focus, exploring:

  • The widening and deepening of political Devolution for Northern areas and the opportunities this presents for social and affordable housing;
  • The future of the Levelling Up agenda, and the outlook for tackling regional inequality and Northern place-making;
  • What tenants want: sharing the findings of a ground-breaking NHC project exploring what ‘Pride in Place’ means to tenants, and how we can boost it; 
  • The future of regulation, and the sector’s readiness to respond to social housing reforms and enhanced scrutiny;
  • Sustainability of the social housing sector in light of financial constraints and the resources needed to build new homes for social rent, while bringing existing social housing stock up to new levels of decency and energy efficiency.

Who are the Coal Authority?

We’re a non-departmental government body that draws upon the skills and expertise of our staff to provide services to lenders, conveyancers, government departments and commercial partners. We believe the past can help shape our future, so we continue to invest in progressive, innovative technology that we can integrate into the world and bring a wealth of benefits to everyone.

Making a better future for people and the environment in mining areas

We aim to provide expert advice and creative solutions to governments, public bodies, private organisations and landowners to manage the public safety and environmental issues arising from coal and metal mining.

Follow the links below to find out more about some of the services we offer and the innovative activities we’re currently involved in:

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