Treating mine water

We have over 20 years experience in designing, building and operating mine water treatment schemes.

We can provide expert advice at all project stages, drawing on our experience of managing over 75 treatment schemes across Britain.

Our unique skills and knowledge allow us to offer a range of services relating to treating waters that have been affected by past mining activities.

Our services

At the design stages, we are able to able to advise on:

  • the required size of passive treatment schemes for waters
  • equipment size and specifications for semi-passive and active treatment methods (e.g. high density sludge treatment)
  • assessments of current best available technology
  • the most effective treatment options on a whole-life cost basis

Using our own operational experiences we are able to provide comprehensive assessments of the capacity, bottlenecks and the overall efficiency of your scheme to recommend not only tried and tested solutions, but also novel solutions developed through our innovation programme.

We can also provide an independent technical review services for third party recommendations.

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