Shaft treatment and capping works being undertaken

Coal mining risk assessments

When submitting a planning application within a high risk area you are likely to need to submit a Coal Mining Risk Assessment as part of your planning application.

Ground engineering at a shaft collapse site

Ground engineering

The ability to remediate ground affected by the impacts of mining requires a specialist understanding of ground conditions and the application of engineering principles in order to provide ground suitable for development.

Coal Authority Project Manager

Project management

We are the experts at delivering projects where mining activities have taken place or are currently ongoing.

Environmental improvements to a tip site in South Wales

Tip inspection and management

We have expertise in the long term management of the risks associated with tips and delivering inspection programmes to mitigate these risks.

Titration testing

Water chemistry monitoring

Through the experience gained in monitoring our extensive mine water treatment scheme portfolio we are expertly placed to meet your water monitoring needs.


Ochre and how it can be used

Our ochre is ideal for use in ground remediation projects to immobilise contaminants – such as phosphate, arsenic, lead and manganese.

Water Monitoring Weir At Force Crag

Mine water level management

We have successfully been managing water levels across Britain for over 20 years and we can deliver the most cost-effective methods for managing water.

Flowing Water at Gunnerside Gill

Mine water chemistry characterisation

Using our unrivalled and unique database of coal mine water geochemistry we can help you to achieve the characterisation of any mine water across Britain.