Moor End Lane

Moor End Lane

We were notified of damage to the recorded mine shaft at the rear of the properties at Moor End Lane on 14 November 2023. We promptly secured the site and created a safe exclusion zone.

The Solution

We understand that this will be causing concern and disruption for a number of you and we thank you for your patience and understanding during the current situation.

We started work to treat the problem by placing a concrete cap on the shaft on 2 April 2024. However we immediately had to stop when we discovered the shaft was larger than our records had shown. As the scope of the works had changed, we re-secured the site pending further consultation and design.

Next Steps

A subsequent design is now ready and a Principal contractor appointed to undertake the works which we believe will take 10-12 weeks. These works will include the construction of a temporary car park for the residents to use whilst the works are carried out, enabling works of removing garden fencing and walls to allow plant access and emergency egress for the residents. Following the capping of the shaft, we will re-instate the gardens and re-surface the access track.

Our work will start following the final agreement of the design and risk management with our engineer, the residents and the appointed Principal Contractor. Following this, we will arrange for one of our colleagues to visit the site regularly in the evenings to discuss any issues with residents and to update you on any new information. We will publish the dates and times of these visits on this page.

Contact us

Please contact us if there is anything you wish to discuss. The reference number for this project is P-046483

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