Camberwell Drive update: May 2024

Information for residents

Mine entry on grass verge at Camberwell Drive

This briefing provides information following the public meeting on 12 February for the immediately impacted residents.

Public meeting – for those residents that are in the immediate vicinity of the mine shaft

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with individual residents following on from the last public meeting in January. We appreciate those that took the time to share their feedback and talk around their individual circumstances. We have also met with a number of residents since February to listen to their personal situations and will look to accommodate requests where possible.

During the meeting we shared an outline of the proposed works, which had been recently shared at the public meeting in January and listened to those residents that expressed to have an accessible footpath outside properties 111 to 119 on Camberwell Drive, whilst this part of the road will be closed off. I am pleased to confirm after speaking with our consultant, we will be putting in a temporary footpath to allow residents to walk along Camberwell Drive from properties111 to 119 that leads onto Springwood Way.

Next steps

Our consultant is now underway with the proposed design for the remediation to mine shaft and also working with utility providers to look at a proposed services diversion.  This will be the initial phase of the project expected to start in August. Once the services diversion has been agreed we will look to hold another public meeting in August with residents to talk through in more detail the initial proposed works.

Contact us

Please contact us if there is anything you wish to discuss. The reference number for this project is P-041629.

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