Camberwell Drive

Camberwell Drive

Camberwell Drive, in Ashton-under-Lyne

In December 2021 we were notified of a ground collapse on Camberwell Drive, Ashton Under Lyne.

We identified this was due to the movement of material above a mine shaft associated to the former Limehurst Colliery that operated in the area from 1852 to 1899.

The mine shaft entry is around 50m below ground and our records indicate that the shaft was back-filled in the 1960s. More recently, the housing developer grouted the shaft in 1989 before a cap was placed across the top of the shaft to completely seal it.

Unfortunately, there was some movement in the ground above the shaft that required treatment to ensure the stability of the local area.

The solution

We quickly placed 300 tonnes of clean stone into the void and we have been closely monitoring it to ensure there is no movement of the highway, pavement or properties within the potential zone of influence of the mine shaft.

We are satisfied that our treatment works have been effective, however we now need to fence this area to ensure public safety.

Next steps

We are working with Tameside Council, local Ward Members and others in the area to agree what fencing options to take and we are looking to redirect the public footpath along the edge of the road.

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